(Man Part #: GWORX700)

WA Part #: 5WA1986
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Glove Clip
• Orange

• Reduce hand injuries by keeping your gloves were they are easily accessible!
• By keeping work gloves with the employee recordable hand injuries can be reduced by up to 85%
• At many companies, glove clips are now mandatory in Safety programs
• These clips can hold more than just gloves i.e. fall protection harnesses, etc

Industry Applications:
• Utilities, Food Processing, Industrial Workplace, Recreational Activities
• Attaches to belt loop, pocket, and much more
• Grips almost anything, including gloves, earmuffs and sleeve protectors
• Safety breakaway to protect workers in case of glove entanglement
• Dielectric
• Non-corrosive
• Prevents glove from being misplaced
• Suitable for wherever work gloves are used